Dating pottery archaeology

It has puzzled and intrigued historians of science and technology since its discovery.

The device seemed to have a range of interlocking gears made of bronze and a hand crank to give a turning movement to the geared mechanism, plus a display that showed information about the moon, sun and planets against a background of stars.

On the rear of the object was displayed information about the Saros cycle (a period of around 18 years used in eclipse prediction) and the Callippic cycle (a period of about 76 years) using two ingeniously designed spiral dials.

The makers of the Antikythera Mechanism - from the Ancient World as they were!

Examination revealed that the "rock" was in fact a heavily encrusted and corroded mechanism that had survived the shipwreck in three main parts and dozens of smaller fragments.

The sand sea of the Nafud Desert surrounds the 16 by 5 km (10 by 3 mi) windswept plain around Jubbah.

To the west of the oasis is Jebel um Sanman, or “Two Camel-hump Mountain.” It is this rise of sandstone where some of the best rock art in the Arabian Peninsula can be found.

Following decades of work cleaning the device, in 1951 British science historian Derek J.

de Solla Price undertook systematic investigation of the mechanism.

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